International Trader
Software Developer

What am I doing?

I worked at many software companies more than 10 years. I developed  Web Softwares, Desktop Programs, Mobile Softwares. I have some mobile applications at Google Play Store. You can examine my applications:

I know this at software development Html, Css, Javascript, Jquery, Angular, Bootstrap, CSharp, Visual Studio, Arduino, C# Windows Forms, C# Asp.Net, SQL Server, MySQL, Unity3D, C# WebApi.

I’m interested with international commerce since 03/2020. I worked for a lot of products and sold. Briefly, I’m a broker. I finding sellers and buyers and trying sell products from abroad to another countries.


What you can want from me:

  • Software Projects
  • Products for buying or selling
You will see some numbers at below. But these are correct. Especially I have a lot of clients from mobile softwares. Still I’m continuing to the software developments.
Satisfied Clients
Project Completed
Working Hour
Award Winning


As International trading for now I providing beef tendons, dried sea cucumber a lot of meat products and tea. If you want another products I can research for you.

Beef Meat
Dried Sea Cucumber
Beef Tendon


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Who am I?

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International Trader
Software Developer