a web3.0 technology

What is WebNative

This is Web Browser of new technology. This is working without web layer. I suggest you try this. Also I shared video on youtube for this. I hope you like that. Here is the HyperSpace of WebNative.

Hello Everyone,

1- First of all, let me explain what web 2.0 is and why it is used. Unlike Web 1.0 technology, web2.0 technology is the internet environment, where user is active with some features such as promoting from the position of just receiving information to providing information, having the information produced, sharing, discussing, etc. In other words, it is the web sites or applications used such as Youtube, Eksi Sozluk, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. sites where the users can see, follow the activities of other users, get in contact with them, make joint activities or programs.

2- We are currently using web 2.0 technology in the world. Since there is an additional web layer on Native, all objects are being created within this web layer. If there are too many objects on a website, you often have witnessed that these pages were freezing and not responding to the user interface. For this reason, developers add a method called paging to their web pages in order to stop the strain of web pages. But even this often fails to achieve the desired performance. Although many methods were developed for this, it is usually slow, because it is in web layer.

3- In fact, we can draw the objects we want directly on the native without a web layer. Even though we have strong machines, we have researched technologies like javascript, jquery and react and research for their further performance during the development phase of our products the processes of which we manage nowadays, we have seen based on our past experiences that these technologies do not provide the desired performance. Furthermore the languages developed over web are endless. Learning these for each of them is time consuming and when it realizes that it does not provide the desired amount of performance, time is wasted.

4- We developed Web Native because of the slowing of web layer. We think that all web-layer sites will be replaced by native-layer sites. In fact, it would more meaningful for all of us to have a faster layer of the content we encounter while surfing the internet. Web Native currently has a version for windows desktop. Later on, we plan to work it on linux, apple, ios and android devices.

5- When you start using Web Native, you will be able to create your native sites using only c #. Also, as you know, you can create simple looking pages without having to write code by creating a c # project and dragging and dropping the objects you want on the form. The better your knowledge, the better designs you can develop and create your native sites either by making animations with wpf or with normal user control.

6- The native site you prepare will not have a logic like postback. It will work like a desktop program you know. You must have one ftp address to publish your Native site, and that address must have an ip address, or you can use a domain name that you have previously received. You also need to use custom domain names generated by us for Web Native. The domain names we produce are independent of ICANN company. With your native sites you will also be able to control electronic cards such as raspperry pi and arduino without any service in between. You can also develop projects that will enable your electronic cards to work according to the current version when you update your native site.

7- A search engine will be added to Web Native in the advancing time and there will be Web Native Developer Platform. The game developers will be able to publish the games they created with Unity on the developer page. We will also be involved in advertising integration.

In short, we can call this technology web3.0.

You can download this from here:  https://github.com/ByErdem/WebNative

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